Richard Halverson

Professor, Associate Dean for Innovation, Outreach, and Partnerships

(608) 265-4772

270A Education Building

Richard Halverson, PhD

Halverson, Richard

Richard Halverson is the Associate Dean for Innovation, Outreach and Partnerships and Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis in the UW-Madison School of Education. His research aims to bring the research methods and practices of the Learning Sciences to the world of educational leadership and interactive media. Rich is the founder of the Comprehensive Assessment of Leadership for Learning project, and was a co-founder and co-director the Games + Learning + Society Research Center. He is a former high school teacher and administrator, and earned an MA in Philosophy and a PhD in the Learning Sciences from Northwestern University. He is co-author (with Allan Collins) of Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology: The Digital Revolution and Schooling in America and (with Carolyn Kelley) of Mapping Leadership: The Tasks that Matter for Improving Teaching and Learning in Schools.


  • Ph D School of Education and Social Policy, Northwestern University, 2002
  • MA Philosophy, Northwestern University, 1987
  • BA Philosophy and History, Marquette University , 1984

Select Publications

  • Halverson, R. R. Leading schools in the Digital World Leading schools in the Digital World New York: Teachers College Press.
  • Halverson, R. R., & Kelley, C. E. (2017) Mapping leadership: The tasks that matter in school improvement. Jossey-Bass.
  • Halverson, R. R., & Clifford, M. (2013) Distributed instructional leadership: How distributed leadership can help us better understand high schools. Journal of School Leadership, 23(2), 389-419.
  • Halverson, R. R., & Shapiro, B. (2013) Technologies for education and technologies for learning The infrastructure of accountability, 163-180. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Press.
  • Halverson, R. R. (2012) Games and the future of education research Games, Learning and Society. London: Cambridge University Press.
  • Halverson, R. R., & Halverson, E. R. (2011) Education as design for learning: A model for integrating education inquiry across research traditions Sage Handbook for Research in Education: Engaging Ideas and Enriching Inquiry Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
  • Halverson, R. R., Blakesley, C., & Figeurido-Brown, R. (2011) Video-game design as a model for professional learning Learning to Play: Exploring the Future of Education with Video Games, 9-28. New York: Peter Lang.
  • Halverson, R. R., Feinstein, N. W., & Meshoulam, D. (2011) School Leadership for Science Education The Role of Public Policy in K-12 Science Education Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishing.
  • Halverson, R. R., & Smith, A. R. (2010) How new technologies have (and have not) changed teaching and learning in schools Journal of Computing in Teacher Education, 26(2), 49-54.
  • Halverson, R. R. (2010) School formative feedback systems Peabody Journal of Education, 85(2), 130-155.

Select Presentations

  • Halverson, R. R., & Kallio, J., 2019 American Education Research Association Annual Meeting, "Building Interest-Based Personalized Learning Into Public Schools" (2019), Toronto, ON
  • Halverson, R. R., 2019 American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, "Taking a Learning Sciences Perspective to Understand Personalized Learning in Schools" (2019), Toronto, ON
  • Halverson, R. R., The 2nd IEEE Data Science Workshop, "Game Based Assessment for Learning" (2019), Minneapolis, MN
  • Kallio, J., & Halverson, R. R., 2018 AERA Annual Meeting, "A Social Network Analysis of the Initiation and Implementation of a Networked Improvement Community" (2018), New York, NY
  • Rawat, T., Strikwerda, A., & Halverson, R. R., 2018 AERA Annual Meeting, "How Participation in a Networked Improvement Community Refined Teachers' Understaning of Student Interest-Based Projects" (2018), New York, NY
  • Kimball, S., Arrigoni, J. .., Hackett, S., & Halverson, R. R., 2018 AERA Annual Meeting, "Leveraging a Networked Improvement Community to Strengthen Program Coherence: Case Studies of Two Innovative Schools" (2018), New York, NY
  • Kallio, J., & Halverson, R. R., 2018 International Conference of the Learning Sciences, "Designing Networked Improvement Communities for Innovation in K-12 Teaching" (2018), London
  • Stevens, R., Ramey, K. E., Meyerhoff, P., Hilppö, J., Kumpulainen, K., Kajamaa, A., Rajala, A., & Halverson, R. R., Rethinking Learning in the Digital Age: Making the Learning Sciences Count, "Exploring the Adoption, Spread, and Sustainability of an Informal STEAM Learning Innovation In Schools" (2018)
  • Halverson, R. R., Barnicle, A., Hackett, S., Rawat, T., Kallio, J., & Strikwerda, A., 2017 Midwest Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, "Leadership for Personalized Learning" (2017), Evanston, IL
  • Owen, V., Ramirez, D., Salmon, A., & Halverson, R. R., 2014 AERA Annual Meeting, "Capturing Learner Trajectories in Educational Games through ADAGE (Assessment Data Aggregator for Game Environments): A Click-Stream Data Framework for Assessment of Learning in Play" (2014), Philadelphia, PA

Select Awards and Honors

  • Co-Director, Comprehensive Assessment of Leadership for Learning LLC, 2014
  • Community Engaged Scholar Award, UW-Madison School of Education, 2017
  • M Award for directing the Network, Madison Magazine, 2014