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Education is not the piling on of learning, information, data, facts, skills, or abilities—that’s training or instruction—but is rather making visible what is hidden as a seed. —Thomas Moore


As the culminating experience of their graduate programs, with the guidance of the faculty, our PhD students are producing dissertations which contribute to the knowledge base regarding education and offer important insights about improving educational practices and policies.

Listed below are ELPA PhD graduates with links to their dissertations.

8/2019 Gwendolyn Baxley not available in data base   
8/2019 Yeseul Choi 

Pathways of Academic Resilience: Exploring the Multiple Developmental Trajectories of Low-income Students During Early Education

6/2019 Boeun Choi

Attributes of Living-Learning Communities that Contribute to College Students' Learning 

6/2019  Heather Roth  

The Intersection of Equity Systems Change and African American Student Success

5/2019 Jamila Lee-Johnson

I Am Becoming: Understanding the Experiences of Undergraduate Black Women at Historically Black Colleges and Universities in Elected Student Leadership Positions

5/2019  Candance Weidensee

How School Leaders Support the Development of Growth Mindsets in Teachers to Benefit Diverse Students 

5/2019 Aaron Engel not available in data base  
5/2019 Rachelle

The Elementary Principal's Role in Professional Development and Learning Communities: How to Support Continual Professional Growth

5/2019  Jody Hare The Return of Near-Completers to
Higher Education for Degree Completion:
Adult Students Seeking Closure

5/2019 Brittany

Nothing to Lose But Our Chains: Voices of Black Women's Activist Experiences on a Predominantly White Campus

2018-2019 ELPA Higher Education Dissertation of the Year

5/2019 Hyoung Joon Park 

Practices Used by STEM Faculty for Gathering Formative Student Feedback: Beyond Traditional Student Evaluation 

5/2019 Jeffrey Fleig 

The Roles and Practices of the Superintendent in Equity Systems Change 

5/2019 Shannon Anderson 

Principal and Teacher Collaboration for Social Justice in Predominately White, Affluent Schools 

5/2019 Angela Montpas

African American Parent Perspectives on Positive Relationships with Their Children's Teachers 

5/2019 Charles Wiza High School Students’ Sense of Belonging in Relationship to Inclusive Practices   
5/2019 ​Nnabugwu Ekwelum

Education's Silent Exodus: A Critical Exploration of Race & the Shortage of Black Men in the Teaching Profession

5/2019 Benjamin Burns The Role of Identity Development in Principal Responses to Staff Resistance to Equity

2018-2019 ELPA K12 Dissertation of the Year
1/2019 Laura Sangroula School Leaders Who Cultivate a Mutually Reinforcing Learning Environment in Schools with
Spanish-speaking English Language Learners 
5/2018  Chelsea Blackburn-Cohen  

Globalization and the Mobility of Ideas: A Critical Account of Academics in Exile at Colleges and Universities in the United States

5/2018  Janelle Ramsel

Addressing the 1:4 with IX in the B1G: How the Big 10 Interprets Federal Guidance into Student-on-Student Title IX Sexual Assault Policies

5/2018  Sheltreese McCoy Where Is My Place?: Queer and Transgender Students of Color Experiences in
Cultural Centers at a Predominantly White University 
8/2017  Jihye Kam  

Role of institutional diversity : student affinity for preferred college major

8/2017  Tangela Blakely Reavis   

College choice interrupted or facilitated : a qualitative case study examining how social class and schools structure opportunity for students in urban high schools

5/2017 ​Michelle

Professional learning in high achieving elementary schools

5/2017  Maurielle Amechi  not available in data base  
5/2017 Kelly Wickersham  

Where to go from here ? toward a model of community college students' decision-making around postsecondary pathway selection

8/2017  Van Lac  

Centering Student Voice: Doing Participatory Action Research Alongside Minoritized Youth

5/2017 Alexis Bourgeois   

A Community Development Corporation and the cultivation of educational opportunity

5/2017  Adam Ross Nelson   

Learning and development as a result of student conduct administration

5/2017  Sandra Kiddoo 

Exploring Associate Degree Outcomes of Stacked Credential Models at Two-Year Colleges

5/2017  Ramon Ortiz  

The Latino male educational trajectory : a precollege econometric model and 21st century implications

12/2016 Miao-Ching Liu  

Conformity, resistance, and gaming : the impact of world university ranking on faculty scholarship at a Taiwanese university

12/2016 Anne Lang  

Characteristics of human resource management systems that promote inclusive practices

 12/2016 ​Charity Chandler  

Factors contributing to and militating against retention of gay & lesbian faculty : faculty perspectives

 12/2016 Laura Wartman Bloker  

The Perceptions of Team Members on the Use of Data in Placement Decisions for Students with Disabilities

 12/2016 Susan Wenker  

Factors contributing to and militating against physical therapists' decisions to work with older adults

 12/2016 Dominique Bradley  

Lost in Translation? An Investigation of the Pre-service to Classroom Experience

 11/2016 Sara Cutler  

White Teacher, Black Students: Racializing Successful Mathematical Pedagogy

 8/2016 Christopher Sadler   

Supporting beginning general education teachers in meeting the needs of a diverse classroom : a study of induction practices

 8/2016 Deniece Dortch  

Interrupting the usual : African-American doctoral students experiencing race at a predominantly white institution

 8/2016  Ken Bates  

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program’s impact on college preparation : the student perspective.

 8/2016  Mankah Zama  

Sticks, stones, and digital phones : the legal implications of K-12 bullying

 8/2016  James Finley  

Experienced school leaders and continued learning

 8/2016  David Perrodin  

How educational administrators prepare schools for high-stakes safety situations : a focus on elementary schools in rural and suburban contexts

8/2016 Desiree Alva  

Understanding Latino students' sense of belonging in engineering : the impact of institutional agents at one predominantly White institution

 8/2016 Valyncia Raphael   

Expanding the single story : Black female athlete experiences playing country club sports at a predominantly white institution

 8/2016 Hyekyung Lee  

Nontraditional-age students and college completion : exploring the holistic effects of institution, family, and work

 5/2016 ​Se Woong Lee  

Pulling back the curtain : the relationship between teacher quality and students' educational outcomes

 5/2016 Lisa Steinkamp  

Cultivating post-secondary opportunity and service : youth and young adult perspectives on a high school leadership program

 5/2016 Sandra Garbowicz David


Hiring practices in high performing schools

12/2015 Nathan Wills  

How people learn in K-8 blended learning Catholic schools : floating, failing, and filling Tetris gaps

8/2015 Tetyana Schneider  

Hmong American students who majored in STEM in two-year colleges in the Midwest : experiences before, during, and outside of college which contribute to their development as global citizens

8/2015 Cassandra Schug  

The role of the superintendent in system-wide success for pre-K-12 English Language Learners

8/2015 Sun Young Yoon Causal mediation mechanisms in inquiry-based science professional development
8/2015 ​Melodie Wyttenbach

The educational experience of DACAmented students : utilizing capitals to confront barriers and navigate the American educational experience.

 5/2015  Morna Foy  

An exploration of institutionalized structures as employer engagement strategies in the Wisconsin Technical College System

 5/2015  Todd Gray  

ABC for the ABC's : can ABC/M improve budget allocations and cost efficiencies in a Wisconsin public school district to help sustain educational programming?

 5/2015 ​Madhu Verma  

My voice, My Choice : reflections from second generation Asian Indian American college women

 5/2015 Bradley Piazza  

How do technical college leaders initiate and implement change to facilitate comprehensive internationalization at their campuses?

 5/2015 ​Sharon Contreras  

School-wide organization, structures, and processes used to achieve high performance : a multicase study of high-poverty elementary schools with high percentages of students of color

5/2015 ​Amy Zelenski  

Theatre-based Empathy Training in Medicine: Exploring the Spaces In Between 

 5/2015 Peter Wilson

Advancing Opportunities for All Students: Superintendent Leadership Teams in High-Achieving School Districts

 5/2015 Rob Manzke

Attributes of Innovative Global Citizenship Programs at Mid-Sized Public Universities

 5/2015 Meg Filkins

YouTube as a K-12 Professional Learning Tool: What New Media Videos Can Teach Educators About RtI and PBIS

 5/2015 Alexandra Pavlakis Spaces and places: Examining education in the diverse contexts of poverty, homelessness, and mobility  Abstract
 5/2015 Nicole Bowman Farrell  

Wunj iin Daaptoonaakanum Niiloona Eelaachiimwuyeengwu (Our Story from My Voice): Indigenous Educational Policy Development with Tribal Governments: A Case Study

12/2014 Clover Schmitt

White Educator Practices That Support the High Academic Achievement of African American Students in Predominantly White Rural Elementary Schools and Educator Racial Consciousness That Inform Those Practices

12/2014 Kelly Kapitz

Factors that Influence the Decision of Rural High School Students with Learning Disabilities to Attend Postsecondary Educational Institutions

12/2014 Todd Lundberg

Making Space and Making Do: An Exploration of the Practices that Start New Majority Students toward Their Educational Goals

12/2014 Lea Samartino

How School Employees Support Resource Access and Mobilization for Students and Families Experiencing Homelessness

12/2014 Kristen Gurtner Assessing School District Human Resource Capital Management Policy Through an Accountability Lens  Abstract
8/2014 Charles Moore Opening New High Schools: How Principals Design Cultural Features in Newly Developed High Schools   Abstract
 8/2014 Jessica Moe What is the "X-Factor"?  Teacher Longevity in Urban Districts  Abstract
 8/2014  Kelly Ocasio Pathways to Teaching: Exploring the Latino/a Teacher Pipeline   Abstract
 8/2014 Judith Baseman Leadership Actions and Trust in Three Economically Disadvantaged Elementary Schools  Abstract
5/2014  Tola Ewers

"To Finally Understand How to do Well is the Hardest Part”: Seeing the Transfer Journey, Research and Research-Inclusive Careers Through the Eyes of Undergraduate Transfer Students Pursuing Science Majors

 5/2014 Benjamim (Bo) McCready  Leaving the College Track? The Causes and Effects of High School Student Exit from Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)  Abstract
 5/2014  Turina Bakken Factors That Influence Faculty Participation in Formal and Informal Leadership Opportunities: A Case Study of a Comprehensive Midwestern Technical College  Abstract
 5/2014 Lisa Marshall Black District Leaders Advancing a Race-Conscious Policy Agenda: Borrowing Strength in the Local Context  Abstract
 12/2013 Christopher Matheny Economic Returns to Sub-Baccalaureate Technical Education: A Study of Labor Market Outcomes for Manufacturing Engineering Technologist and Technician Education (METTE) Programs in the Wisconsin Technical College System  Abstract
 8/2013 Kate Alder Invisible Value of Postsecondary Career and Technical Education: A Qualitative Perspective Abstract
 8/2013 Mark Lea Role Expectations for School Library Media Specialists: A Collective Case Study of Two Medium-Sized Wisconsin School Districts Abstract
 5/2013 Ann Brandau Hynek Factors that Militate Against Non-Traditional Students Enrolling In An Initial Remedial Course Abstract
 5/2013 Kendra Lowery Beyond Just a Seat at the Table: African American Administrators' Recollections of Voice and Inclusion in Four Northern De/Segregated School Districts  Abstract
 5/2013 Anupama Shekar  

The Actions of Headmasters and Headmistresses in Fostering Parent & Family Involvement in Low-Income Schools in Tamil Nadu, India

 8/2012 Constance Gartner The Last American Deaf School  Abstract
 8/2012 Sheila Briggs The Perceived Effect of Racial Consciousness on Student Achievement in Two High Achieving School Districts Abstract
 5/2012 Bridget McCurtis

An Examination of Involvement and Socially Responsible Leadership Development of Black Students Attending Predominately White Institutions

 5/2012 Colleen Timm

Factors that Influence School Board Actions to Support Student Achievement:  A Multi-Case Study of High-Achieving Rural School Districts

 5/2012 Kimiko Ott The Role of Curriculum Directors in Wisconsin Public Schools:  Factors That Advance Teaching and Learning Abstract
 5/2012 Charles Urness

            Equity and Excellence: Leadership Actions That Support and Sustain High Achieving, Critically Conscious, Inclusive Middle Schools
 5/2012 Jill Underly  

Simply Different: A Multiple Case Study of Two Title I Schools in Rural Wisconsin Under No Child Left Behind

 5/2012 Lynee Tourdot Students With Disabilities and English Language Learners: The Role of a Social Justice-Oriented Superintendent in Cultivating High Achievement Abstract
 5/2012 John Johnson III International Experiences as Professional Development to Enhance Classroom Practice: Beyond Educational Tourism Abstract
 5/2012 Kit Werner A Quantative Analysis of BSN Transfer Students Perspectives and Experiences Abstract 
 5/2012 George Mavroulis The Impact of Mentor Conversations on the Classroom Performance of Novice Teachers  Abstract
5/2012   Amy Prevost In What Ways Do the Experiences of Students in PhD Programs in the Moleular Biosciences Foster Knowledge Transfer?  Abstract
Randy Bartels
The Nature of Socialization Experiences of First-Time Superintendents from Inside or Outside a District Dissertation Abstract
Anthony Rosilez
Stories of Social Justice From Superintendents of Color:  Intersections of Resistance Word Document
Michelle Young
 Exploring the University President Selection as Evidence of Glass Ceiling Effects
Word Document
05/2011 Yang Zhang Beyond the Conventional Wisdom:  Factors That
Influence College Students' Selections of Federally
Enforced Racial Categories
Word Document
12/2010 Anabel Aportela
Do Teacher Resources Follow Need?:  A Study of Inter-and-Intra-District School Finance Equity
Word Document
Alexandra Sielaff
Facilitating Engineering Baccalaureate Completion Among Wisconsin Technical College System Transfer Students: Factors That Cultivate Resilience in Non-Traditional Populations 

Word Document
08/2010 John Hill
The Search, Selection and Implementation of Ideas: How Principals Search For, Select, and Begin to Implement Educational Innovations
08/2010 Marjorie Anne Elizabeth Cook The Effects of Students' Perceptions of Self, Others, and Institutions on Community College Transfer to a Selective Four-Year University Word Document
08/2010 Sarah E. Kuba The Role of Peer Advising in the First-Year Experience Word Document
08/2010 Donald E. Kirkpatrick The Instructional Leadership Role of Assistant Principals in Comprehensive High Schools Word Document
05/2010 Raul Alejandro Leon Strategies For Institutional Transformation: A Multi-Site Case Study Of The Chief Diversitt Officer Position Word Document
05/2010 Lavar J Charleston Examining Key Factors that Contribute to African Americans' Pursuit of Computing Sciences Degrees: Implications for Cultivating Career Choice and Aspirations Word Document
05/2010 Rebecca Lowenhaupt Schools, Demographic Shift, and the New Latino Diaspora: A Statewide Studey of Organizational Adaptation Word Document
05/2010 Heather McFadden Ripple Effects: The Impact of Being the Child of a Holocaust Survivor on the Professional Lives of University Faculty Word Document
08/2009 Peggy S. Smith Promises to Keep: The Alignment of State Policy Implementations with Best Practices for New Principal Mentorship Word Document
07/2009 Robert W. Smiley Characteristics of Systems and Leadership in K-12 Public School Educational Technology Programs: Understanding Data Use, Decision Making, and Contextual Factors Word Document
06/2009 Matt Clifford Exploring High School Teachers' Decision to Use Contextual Instruction Word Document
07/2009 Bradley Andrews The Role of Pre-Institutional Commitment in Freshmen Persistance Decisions at a Small, Private, Liberal Arts College Word Document
06/2009 Alexis Kasmarick Leading Coherently for Equity and Excellence Word Document
05/11/09 Tony Bolz Screening Teacher Candidates: Luck of the Draw or Objective Selection? Word Document
05/05/09 Mark Benedict Teacher Leaders Building Social Capital in Seconary Departments: Three Case Studies Word Document
12/2008 Catherine M. Winters Pursuing a Degree Completion Program in Nursing: A Grounded Theory Study Word Document
12/2008 Dennis M. Baskin The Influence of Pre-College Interventions on Underrepresented Minority Student Persistence and Graduation: Evidence from a Midwest Comprehensive Institution Word Document
12/2008 Joshua Emmett Innovation, Leadership, and Resource Utilization Practices in Three High Schools With Significant Learning Gains: A Multi-site Case Study Word Document
11/2008 Sal Carranza Distance Learning Word Document
08/2009 Victoria J. Maslow The American High School: The Role of Small and Professional Learning Communities in Addressing Inequities in Student Learning
08/2008 Pamela J. Bork The Principal's Paradox: Examining the Balance of Personal and Professional Life Word Document
07/2008 George Karling In What Ways Does Participation in a Dual Enrollment Vocational Program Enhance the Educational Engagement of Participating High School Students?
07/22/08 Jason Johnson Speaking of Higher Education: Documenting, Interpreting and Advancing the Academy's Rhetoric PDF Document
03/03/08 Jeffrey G. Nicholson Physician Assistant Medical Practice in the Health Care Workforce: A Study of Medical Malpractice and Safety Comparing Physician Assistants to Physicians and Advanced Practice Nurses Word Document
07/22/08 Natalie Tran The Connection Between Students' Out-of-School Experiences and Science Learning Word Document
04/15/08 Todd Andrew Berry The Role of Social Capital in Human Capital Investment: A Social Network Approach to College Success in the First Year Word Document
12/2007 Miriam Simmons Examining Boyer's Scholarship of Engagement: A Case Study of a Faculty Development Program PDF Document
12/2007 Michelle DeBose
(CAVE student)
Breast Cancer Among Older African American Women: Sources of Information About Breast Cancer Word Document
11/2007 Genella M. Taylor Ingredients of the Classroom: Attributes that Contribute to and Militate Against Socio-cultural Identity Development Word Document
12/2007 Ray J. Walter An Analysis of Earnings and Job Satisfaction Outcomes Associated with Sub-baccalaureate Educational Achievement Word Document
08/2007 Robert A. Jecklin, Jr.
(CAVE student) 
Portraits of Necessary Learning: Retelling Stories of Being Sick and Uninsured in the U.S. Word Document
08/2007 Louisa M. Havlik Leadership, Learning and School Change: The Elementary Principal's Role in Teacher Professional Development Word Document
08/2007 Alda S. Preston Admission Factors That Influence Program Completion and Professional Licensure: A Case Study of An Associate Degree Program in Nursing Word Document
08/2007 Peter Clement Critical Consumer Issues in St. Lucia: An Examination of Consumer Challenges and Related Learning Among Rural Adults Word Document
07/2007 Darin J. Eich Toward a Grounded Theory of High Quality Leadership Programs Word Document
05/2007 Susan Corwith Attributes of High Quality Programs for Academically Talented Students: Learning from an Exemplary Model Word Document
08/2007 Latish Reed Same Path, Different Shoes: The Challenges of African American Principals in Predominantly African American Low-Performing Schools  Word Document
05/2007 Liz Fulton School Factors That Contribute to Student Disengagement: Perspective of Alternative School Students Word Document
05/2007 Michelle Mangan Turner School-Level Resource Use in Arkansas: A Statewide Study Word Document
05/2007 Sarah Archibald How Well Do Standards-Based Teacher Evaluations Identify High-Quality Teachers? A Multilevel, Longitudinal Analysis of One District Word Document
12/06/06 Michael Uden Understanding the Impact of Teacher Efficacy on the Professional Trajectory 
of Teachers
Word Document
12/2006 Thomas Van Winkle Expeditionary Learning Schools: The Relationship Between Implementation Gains and Growth in Student Achievement Word Document
12/2006 Ruttanatip Chonwerawong The Educational Experiences of Low-Income First Generation College Students of Color at a Major Public University: An Illusion of Meritocracy and Educational Opportunity Word Document
12/2006 Patrick F. Gould Professional Development Decision-Making Word Document
12/2006 Timothy L. Taylor
Touchstones of Online Program Performance Word Document
11/27/06 Jeffrey Biessman An Examination of Wisconsin High School and Postsecondary Introductory Biology Courses’ Curriculum Articulation Word Document
8/30/06 Byron C. Anderson The Influence of Diverse and Shifting Accountability Policies on Non-core High School Curriculum: An Analysis of Technology Education Word Document
8/15/06 Michael P. Garvey The Wisconsin Youth Options Program: What Do Participants Say About How the Program Affected Their Transition to College? Word Document
5/18/06 Janet Heiss Moving Into Student Spaces: Impact of Location of Academic Advising on Student Engagement Among Undecided Students Word Document
5/15/06 Marcia S. Willson Examining Professional Learning Community Aspects as They Relate to Teachers' Receptivity to Professional Development Word Document
05/2006 Liz Fulton School Factors That Contribute to Student Disengagement: Perspective of Alternative School Students Word Document
4/26/06 Rodney Marty Antinepotism in Large American School Districts Word Document
12/15/05 Kim Rapp Persistence Decisions of Doctoral Students Affiliated with Interdisciplinary Programs: A Case Study Word Document
12/14/05 Timothy Schaid The Impact of Struggle on Spiritually-Centered Educational Leaders and their Leadership Word Document
12/08/05 Heidi Schmidt The Relationship Between The Personal and Professional Lives of Wisconsin Female Principals and How They and Their School Districts Respond to Any Subsequent Tension Word Document
9/9/05 Joseph Baggot The Effects of Remedial Coursework and Reduced Credit Load on Persistence for College Students with Learning Disabilities Word Document
8/29/05 Diane Leuck Women with Physical Disabilities: Experiences at "Becoming an Outdoors-Woman" Workshops Word Document
8/2/05 Frank Hernandez K-12 Latino Leaders on Leading and Leadership: Racial Identity Development 
and Its Impact on Leadership Practice
Word Document
8/2/05 Shelby Cosner An Exploratory Study of Capacity Building from a Social and Human Capital Perspective Word Document
7/29/05 Mónica Urigüen Attributes of Quality Programs in Universities in Developing Countries: Case Studies of Two Private Universities in Ecuador and Beyond Word Document
7/8/05 Anne E. Hoffmann Developing a Grounded Theory of Effective Alcohol-Control in Higher Education Word Document
7/7/05 John LaNear Academic freedom in Public Higher Education: For the Faculty or Institution? Word Document
5/24/05 Lynda Sullivan Pathways to National Board Certification Word Document
5/4/05 Marla Berg Shaping School CultureWhile Implementing a Structured School Improvement Plan Word Document
4/29/05 David Vitale Developing Technology Integrators: The Role of Professional Development for Meaningful Instructional Technology Use Word Document
4/26/05 Rebecca Blink How Do K-12 School Districts Design a Data-driven System to Enhance Student Achievement Word Document
2/22/05 Christa Bruhn The Power of the University: Palestinian Universities as Vehicles of Social and Political Change Word Document
1/25/05 Seonmin Cha The School Administrator’s Transfer-Enhancing Supervisory Practices and Their Influence on Teachers’ Transfer-of-Learning Word Document
12/17/04 Dawn Crowley Reconciling Educational Excellence with Organizational Efficiency: Administrative Leadership to Advance High-quality Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Word Document
12/15/04 Jan Gaura Chynoweth The Policies, Practices, and Beliefs of Educators that Influence the Identification of Students with Disabilities Word Document
12/10/04 Jennifer Thayer Professional Development: Costs and Effectiveness in One Rural District Word Document
10/29/04 Tammy Huth Enhancing Teacher Quality: An Examination of two teacher development models Word Document
09/19/04 David Meixelsperger School Climate: Creating an environment for learning

Word Document
05/14/04 Dale Carlson The Principal’s Role in Retaining Teachers: Effective Practices That Enhance Teacher Retention and Impact Teacher Mobility
Word Document
05/14/04 Laura Ketchum-Ciftci Student Employment Factors that Contribute to the Acquisition of Educational Outcomes Word Document
05/14/04 Judith Risch The General Counsel in a School District: Examining Prevalence and Roles
Word Document
05/14/04 Kurt Schneider Barriers and Supports to Providing Non-School Vocational and Related Instruction as an Alternative to School Failure for Youth in Foster Care in an Urban District Word Document
05/13/04 Donald Fraynd The Politics of Controversy & Public Opinion in and around PK-12 Education Word Document
05/07/04 Paul Kreutzer The Use of Illegal Ergogenic Aids and Creatine by Female Senior High School Athletes Attending Four Large Suburban Schools: Implications for School Leaders Word Document
04/22/04 Shihmei Shu Barger The Impact of International Students on Domestic Students in U.S. Institutions of Higher Education Word Document
04/21/04 Mark A. Nelson Unsung Leaders: An Examination of Effective Department Chairpersons Word Document
03/22/04 Gary Schumacher Perceptions of the Impact of a Standards-based Teacher Evaluation System, Based on the Danielson Framework for Teaching Model, on Teaching and Student Learning Word Document
01/05/04 Eric Anctil An Exploratory Analysis of the Relationship Between Higher Education and Television: A Focus on Big-time College Sports Word Document
10/31/03 Debra Hunt Exploring Training Function Deployment (TFD): A New Approach to Professional Development in Education Word Document
08/06/03 Bong-Woon Ha Assessment of the Motivational Effects of Teachers to a Performance-based Bonus Pay Program in Korea Word Document
07/22/03 Mark Fermanich School Resources and Student Achievement: The Effect of School-Level Resources on Instructional Practices and Student Outcomes in Minneapolis Public Schools Word Document
06/10/03 Jeongyon Kim A Formative Evaluation of a College Preparation Program Based on a Model of the Attributes of Effective Programs and a Preliminary Explanation of the Program's Impact on Student Participants Word Document
05/14/03 Reginald Parks Overcoming Organizational Challenges to the Use of Distance Education Technology in Three Schools of a Public Research University Word Document
05/14/03 Stanley Roy Jonjak A Pragmatic Analysis of Rural School Consolidation: How Past Experiences in the Closing of Hawkins High School Shape Future Aims for Hawkins Elementary School in the Consolidated Ladysmith-Hawkins (Wisconsin) School District
Word Document
05/06/03 Kathryn Dey Huggett A Grounded Theory of High-Quality Undergraduate Honors Programs Word Document
05/06/03 Myra Misles-Krhin Technical and Symbolic Leadership in the Work of Multi-School Principals Word Document
05/06/03 So-Young Park Teacher Variables Affecting Student Engagement Word Document
05/06/03 Ann E. Dingman Impact of Service-Learning on Students' Subject-Centered Coursework Learning, Skills, Attitudes, and Values: An Examination of the Effects of Best Practices in Innovative Liberal Arts Courses Word Document
03/24/03 John D. Kolander Quality Philosophy Characteristics of the Schools of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod Word Document
01/13/03 Bradley J. Peck A High School Principal's Challenge: Toward Work Environments that Enhance New Teacher Satisfaction and Retention Word Document
12/16/02 Janet Elko Learning Persistence Among Rural Adults: A Study of Academic Persistence Among Adults from Rural Communities Enrolled in Online Degree Programs Word Document
08/27/02 Vicki J. Martin Institutional Leadership in High Performing Colleges and Universities Based on Baldrige Awards: A Case Study of Eight North Central Regional Institutions Word Document
08/05/02 Dianne C. Gardner-Gletty Student Learning Outcomes Assessment and Faculty Work in Higher Education: A Comparative Study of Assessment Implementation in a Research Extensive Setting Word Document
07/15/02 Apinwong Kutalad The Preparedness of Thai Schools to Implement Inclusive Education Word Document
06/05/02 Brenda L. Hooper Atlas The Role of Spirituality in the Work of African-American Female Principals in Urban Schools Word Document
05/29/02 H. Alix Gallagher The Relationship Between Measures of Teacher Quality and Student Achievement: The Case of Vaughn Elementary Word Document
05/14/02 Kathy Forslund The Impact of the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program on Catholic Schools, Families, and Students Word Document
04/23/02 Todd Bloom Principal Behaviors Associated with the Implementation of State Academic Standards Word Document
06/15/01 Rose Ylimaki A Grounded Theory of Collaborative Actions: A Multi-Case Study of the Successful Implementation of Literacy Reform Word Document
01/22/01 Patricia Frohrib An Analysis of Transformational Leadership Attributes and Leadership Development in Two Year Colleges Word Document
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