Jerlando F. L. Jackson

Vilas Distinguished Professor, Department Chair

(608) 262-8866

366 Education Building

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Wisconsin’s Equity & Inclusion Laboratory

Jackson, Jerlando


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Awards and Honors

  • 200 Most Influential Education Scholar, Education Week, 2018
  • Mildred Garcia Award for Exemplary Scholarship, Council for Ethnic Participation, Association for the Study of Higher Education, 2018
  • Nine Distinguished Educators that Are Making a Mark, Diverse Issues in Higher Education, 2018
  • Alumni Achievement Award, College of Human Sciences, Iowa State University, 2018
  • Michael G. Morris Endowed Chair (Visiting Position), College of Education, Eastern Michigan University, 2014
  • Brown Award for Excellence in Higher Education and Community Service, Charles Hamilton Houston Institute, 2014
  • Carlos J. Vallejo Memorial Award for Exemplary Scholarship, Multicultural/Multiethnic Education Special Interest Group, American Educational Research Association, 2014
  • Outstanding Young Professional, Alumni Association, Iowa State University, 2014
  • Distinguished Scholar Award, Committee on Scholars of Color, American Educational Research Association, 2014
  • Junior Scholar Award, Association for the Study of Higher Education's Council on Ethnic Participation (CEP), 2006