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The pleasure of becoming an educated person is the enormous interest it adds to life. To be able to be caught up into the world of thought— that is to be educated. —Edith Hamilton

AlumniGHE students at NAFSA Region V

What are GHE alumni doing now?

    •    Working ​in international higher education
- Assistant Director of SEVIS Compliance, International Student Services, UW-Madison
- Global Education Visa Officer, Spokane Falls Community College (Spokane, WA)
Assistant Director of International Programs, Wisconsin School of Business, UW-Madison
International Recruiter and Admissions Counselor, University of Illinois at Chicago

- Program Coordinator, International Student Services, UW-Madison
- Program Coordinator, International Center, University of Michigan
- Coordinator of Faculty-Directed Study Abroad Program, Arizona State University
- International Student Advisor, International Student Services, UW-Madison
- Director of California International Studies Project, Sonoma State University (California)
- International Admissions/Recruiter, University of Wisconsin-Stout
- International Education Coordinator, University of Wisconsin-Richland

- Language and Culture Advisor, INTO, Drew University , New Jersey
- Executive Director, Africa Global Education Link
- ​Coordinator for Education Sector, UNESCO Beijing Office (China)
- Education Program Coordinator, Kaplan International, Washington DC
- International Education Coordinator, International Campus of Beijing No. 4 High School (China)
- International Partnerships Manager, Manchester Metropolitan University (UK)

    •    Working in higher education administration
- Director, Office of Student Success, Wisconsin Technical College System
- Assistant Director of Admissions, Denison University
- Admissions Counselor, Office of Admissions and Recruitment, UW-Madison

- Medical Student Program Administrator, School of Medicine and Public Health, UW-Madison
- Professional Learning Coordinator, WIDA at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research
- Academic Advisor, College of Engineering, UW-Madison
College Resource Counselor, University of Wisconsin Colleges
- Lecturer, Srinakharinwirot University (Thailand)
- Administrator at Chancellor's Office, Shenzhen Graduate School of the Peking University (China)

    •    Pursuing Ph.D. degree in Education
- Ph.D. Student, University of Wisconsin-Madison (
6 students)
- Ph.D. Student, University of Texas at Austin (2 students)
- Ph.D. Student, University of Florida (2 students)
- Ph.D. Student, Florida State University
- Ph.D. Student, University of South Carolina
- Ph.D. Student,
The State University of New York at Buffalo

What have GHE alumni said about the program?GHE 2016 graduation

"After studying and teaching English abroad for a few years, I sought a program that would help me enter the field of international higher education.  The GHE program did more than that.  It enhanced my writing, research, and networking skills, all of which will be invaluable throughout my professional career.  The most unique aspect of the program is the international cohort model, which allowed me to hear the diverse perspectives of my colleagues in class.  The GHE students and the ELPA faculty were always willing to help and support me, both academically and professionally." -- Jacob Koelzer (2015 cohort), Program Coordinator, International Center, University of Michigan

The Global Higher Education Program provided me with a hands on discussion based curriculum, and the opportunity to link the theories and skills I learned to professional opportunities.  Through GHE I was able to explore areas within the realm of higher education that I had not previously been exposed to.  In particular, the assessment and legal courses I took, helped to shape my understanding of global higher education through a more refined lens.  I utilize the skills that I learned from the program in my current role, and know that my skills and knowledge will be transferable throughout the entirety of my professional career.  -- Katrina Tijerina (2015 cohort), Assistant Director of Admissions, Denison University.

"The Global Higher Education Program has not only prepared me to be a mindful, intentional, and culturally savvy international student services practitioner, it has also shaped me into a never-resting inquiry driven learner, equipped me with solid research skills, as well as cultivated my longing for and determination in advancing human knowledge in no matter what capacity, now or in the future.
Moreover, through the cohort model of the program, I was able to establish deep friendship with many of my colleagues and create a fabulous professional network which stills lends me tremendous help even today, one year after my graduation.
Job preparation vs. education has always been one of the hottest debating points in the popular discourse regarding the purpose of Higher Education. Well, guess what? The Global
Higher Education Program will be able to give you both!" -- (Max) YIFAN ZHANG (2014 cohort), Chinese Language and Culture Advisor, INTO @ Drew University.

"Pursing a master degree at GHE is one of the greatest choices I’ve ever made. The program has the greatest and most supportive professors, as well as most friendly learning environment. Before joining the program, I was a practitioner in education field. Now I am a PhD student.  It is the program that endowed me with the opportunity and ability to choose and change. Thanks very much to the program!" --
Jiayao Wu (2014 cohort), currently PhD student at University of Florida.

“Before committing to the GHE program in 2014, I was also looking into t
en other M.S. programs. Choosing the GHE program was the best decision I could have made because not only did it help me prepare for my current position, but it also introduced me to some great people and connections. Professors and advisors were incredibly helpful with connecting me to two incredible internship opportunities and preparing me for the international education field, which has led me to where I am now. I couldn’t be more grateful for this program and what it has done for me. I’m proud to be a GHE alumni!” -- Kerryn Johnson (2014 cohort), Interantional Admissions Counselor and Recruiter, University of Wisconsin-Stout

After having worked in the field of international education for several years, the GHE program allowed me to focus in on the history of higher education and current trends in globalization. This knowledge has enhanced my understanding of the field and given me new ideas to bring back to my work. Completing the program was a great way to further my education and open new opportunities for professional growth
." -- Sarah Melin (2014 cohort), current position: Assistant Director of International Programs,  Wisconsin School of Business, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

"GHE's intentional cohort model allowed me to form enriching connections with my classmates, professors and practicum advisors in just one year. These connections, and the ongoing conversations, allowed me to feel confident about representing a unique perspective among graduate students on campus. Since completing the program, I have worked with bright and motivated people in the midwest, on the East Coast and the West Coast; the knowledge base I gained through the GHE coursework and practicum has served me well in each of these environments." -- Michelle Mazzeo (2013 cohort), current position: Director of California International Studies Project, Sonoma State University (California).

"I entered the Global Higher Education program in 2013 with very specific ambitions and professional goals. Over time, however, thanks to the diverse curriculum, student body, and close exposure to a variety of scholars on campus, I became fascinated by different dimensions of globalization and higher education of which I had never previously been aware. As a current doctoral student in the ELPA department, and given the essential tools and skills gained from the M.S. program, I am actively searching answers to questions I never thought I would have had the insight and confidence to ask." -- Chelsea Blackburn-Cohen (2013 cohort), currently Ph.D. student at ELPA, UW-Madison.

"The years I spent at the GHE program is some of the most memorable and important years of my life. In the friendly and inspiring environment I was able to focus and really learn a lot. The GHE program connected me to wonderful mentors who encouraged me to be inquiry-driven, rigorous and creative. This particular program also prepared me well for my current position." -- Jingning Guan (2012 cohort), current​ position: Project Assistant for Education Sector at UNESCO Beijing Office (China).

GHE Current Students GHE students at conference

Who are we?

In the academic year 2017/2018, we have 15 students in the program, ​about 2/3 of which are from the United States, and the rest are from countries such as China and Thailand. ​It is very important for us to have students from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds who bring their various global perspectives and personal experiences with other countries' higher education to the program.  

Educational Backgrounds

Students in the GHE program are not required to have taken education courses in the past. Our current students have a variety of training backgrounds, including bachelor’s degrees in English, Spanish, Psychology, Sociology, Chinese, History, International Relations, International Studies or Global Studies. Some have also acquired language and TESOL training and have taught at various levels in schools across the world. Many of our domestic students and international students have traveled or studied abroad, therefore GHE students have the "common language", the shared global consciousness, the common interest in international higher education already at the beginning of their program.

Work Experience

Some of our students entered the master’s program immediately following their undergraduate education, and others have years of work experiences. In the past, our students have taught English as a second language; Chinese, Spanish, or Portuguese as a second language; have held residence life, advising or administrative positions at higher education institutions; or have traveled and volunteered abroad with various programs such as People to People and City Year.

Goals and Aspirations

Our current students have a variety of aspirations and goals beyond the GHE program. Some wish to help other students access and pursue study abroad opportunities or help with providing services to international students in the United States. Others hope to use their knowledge in a teaching or student affairs capacity, or to potentially apply for doctoral programs in a related field. Some students are unsure of their specific goals and will use the GHE program to learn about opportunities and trends in the internationalization of higher education.  

For more information, please contact
Program Director Prof. Dr. Weijia Li
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