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Director of Instruction Certification Program  

The requirements for all director of instruction certification is built into the K12 Master's degree requirements. 

If someone does not hold a principal license, all courses required for principal certification plus the two additional courses listed below (860 and 875) are required.  If seeking a director instruction license as an initial administrative license, a 150 hour field experience is required.

If someone currently holds a principal license, adding the director of instruction license requires completion of the two additional courses listed below (860 and 875) plus a 75 hour field experience.  The additional courses are:

  • ELPA 860 Organizational Theory and Behavior in Education
    Theoretical constructs and empirical research relating to administering organizations in education. Emphasis on administrative behavior with special attention to planning and organizational improvement.
  • ELPA 875 Theory and Practice of Educational Planning
    Theory, research and practice in advanced program planning and evaluation involving elementary, secondary and higher and post-secondary education.

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