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The pleasure of becoming an educated person is the enormous interest it adds to life. To be able to be caught up into the world of thought— that is to be educated. —Edith Hamilton

​Faculty and Staff                                                                                 


Dr. Geoffrey Borman

Quantitative Methods; The Social Organization of Schools; Evaluation of Policies and Programs for Improving the Educational Outcomes of
Poor and Minority Children

ELPA PhD Advisees
Yesul Choi 
Lydia Gandy
Xin Xie
Hyunwoo Yang 

Dr. Colleen Capper

Leadership for Equity and Diversity, Leadership for Inclusive Schooling, Organizational Theory and Behavior, Advanced Organizational Theory for Leadership & Diversity, Qualitative Research Methods, Research Methods and Advanced Research Methods, the Preparation and Development of Educational Leaders for Social Justice

ELPA PhD Advisees
Benjamin Burns*
Mary Cline 
Laura Eicher
Aaron Engel*
Sarah Faust
Jeffrey Fleig
Todd Greco
Noah Hollander
Angela Montpas
Sarah Odell
Nasif Rogers
Alex Thompson
Charles Wiza  


Dr. Clifton F. Conrad

Vilas distinguished achievement professor
Faculty Director WISCAPE
(Wisconsin Center for the Advancement of Postsecondary Education)
Qualitative Methods; Academic Programs in Higher Education; Minority-Serving Institutions of Higher Education; Ideas of the University

ELPA PhD Advisees
Megan Arens (co-advisor with Bruce King)
Boeun Choi 
Mary Duenas
*John Harper (co-advisor Bruce King)                
So Hee Hyun
*Ayshea Inytat
*Hyoung Joon Park  
Michelle Pliml                                 
Jane Schimmel
Megan Schmid
Anne Stahr
Chen Wang
Yunwei Wang

Dr. Elton Crim

clinical professor
Higher Education Master's Advisor
Higher Education; Teaching, Directing and Advising of Students; Coordinates Higher Education Practicum Experiences for Students

ELPA PhD Advisees
Dick Daniels
Gary Kilgas
Paul (Kirby) Livingston
Viola Miller 
Brenda Salvo
John B. Diamond

Dr. John Diamond

Kellner Family Distinguished Chair in Urban Education
The influence of race and class on students' educational experiences and outcomes, leadership and organizational change, educational policy, policy implementation, sociology of education, the relationship between schools and communities

ELPA PhD Advisees
Kimberly Anderson
Laurie Burgos
Jacqueline Forbes
Cassidy Kist*
Jennifer Lawler
Nicholas Mitchell
Mallory Umar
Michael Weaver
Steffenie Williams 


Kari Dickinson

WISCAPE communications manager
​Oversees WISCAPE's outreach efforts and manages development of publications, the website, and social media. She has broad experience with nonprofit outreach and marketing and has also been an editor of college textbooks and educational materials.

Jenny Ferry

financial specialist
support for main office, purchasing, and outreach programs

​Dr. Peter Trabert Goff

assistant professor
School Leadership (assessment, evaluation, and labormarket); School Finance; Experimental and Quasi-experimental Research Methods

ELPA PhD Advisees
Kimberly Amidzich
Robert Demuse
Janelle DeZarn
Yasmin Rodriguez-Escutia
Patrick Hoover             
William Traber
Minseok Yang
Eunji You

​Dr. Richard Halverson

School of Education Associate Dean for Innovation and Partnerships 
Instructional Leadership Practice; Technology and Reflective Practice       

ELPA PhD Advisees
*Alan Barnicle
Emilie Hofacker
Julie Kalio
Janice Mertes
Curt Mould
Jon Nordmeyer
Victoria Olubiyi
Tanu Rawat
*Francis Redmon
Cory Roseth
Timothy Schell
*T. Lael Simmons
Sean Storch
Zachary Verriden
Stephanie Leonard-Witte
Yi-jung Wu


Dr. Nicholas Hillman

associate professor

Higher education finance; public policy making; student financial aid policy; college access and equity

ELPA PhD Advisees
Jared Colston
Daniel Corral (co-advisor with Rachelle Winkle-Wagner)
Valerie Crespin  
Jacklyn Fischer
Adam Kindschy
Sylvia Ramirez


​Dr. Jerlando F.L. Jackson

ELPA department chair
Organizational and Administrative Theory in Higher Education; Workforce Diversity and Workplace Discrimination in Higher Education

ELPA PhD Advisees
Ryan Adserias
Donald Danzler*
Andrew Erdmann*            
Barbara Escobar            
Darien Snow
Devon Wilson

​Dr. Carolyn Kelley   

School of Education Senior Associate Dean for Academic Programs  ​                  

ELPA PhD Advisees
*Helen Behr
Julie Lynch
*Jodi Hare
Shannon Murray
Monte Raymond
Michele Schmidt
Brett Stousland
MBK 2015

Dr. M. Bruce King

faculty associate
Instructional Reform and Leadership; Professional Development; Outreach Program Coordinator

ELPA PhD Advisees
Megan Arens (co-advisor with Clif Conrad)
Casey Blochowiak
Allison Degraaf
Cory Golla
*John Harper (co-advisor with Clif Conrad)
Nicole Marble
Neil O'Connell
Nicholas Reichoff
*Heather Roth

​Dr. Laura Lang

faculty associate
Courses: Evaluating and Supporting Quality Teaching; Instructional Leadership & Teacher Capacity; Organizational Change for Student-Centered Coaching; Teacher Leadership & Learning Communities

Other ELPA responsibility: Instructional coach with the Authentic Intellectual Work framework


Dr. Weijia Li

Director GHE Program
Overseeing Global Higher Education Master of Science Program, teaching courses on Internationalization of Higher Education; development of relationships with universities and educational institutions worldwide

Dr. Julie Mead

School of Education Associate Dean for Education 
Legal Aspects of Education; Special Education Law; Special Educational Administration; Legal Aspects of School Choice

ELPA PhD Advisees
Sean Bielmeier
*Scott Brown
*Rachelle Brown-Clardy  
Ellie Brueckner                          
Gerald Dryer
Scott Everson
Jennifer Fanning
Carl Hampton
Kathleen Stebbins-Hintz
Elizabeth Hodrey
Dominque Ledesma
Brenda Martinez
Mario Morris
Nancy Nikolay
Barbara Novak
Heidi Siebert Preul
Kim Stieber-White
Danyelle Wright
Matthew Zimmerman

​Dr. Peter M. Miller

Community-based educational leadership: Leadership theory; Education in contexts of homelessness: Social capital; School-community collaboration

ELPA PhD Advisees
*Shannon Anderson 
Peter Apple
Carmen Bartley
Gwedolyn Baxley
Kay Benning  
Kelli Cameron
LaMar Campbell
Nicholas Cochart
Sam Coleman
Paris Echoles
*Chuks Ekweelum
Todd Greco
Heather Grindatti
Virginia Moore
Michael Pisani
Wquinton Smith
Brian Sutton
Adrienne Thunder
*Candace Weidensee

Dr. Noel Radomski

Managing Director, WISCAPE (Wisconsin Center for the Advancement of Postsecondary Education)

Manages WISCAPE’s daily operations, including the programs and activities portfolio; delivers presentations; and engages in informal and formal conversations with scholars, policymakers, practitioners, and others. He previously worked as a policy and planning analyst in the Office of the Chancellor, UW–Madison.



Art Rainwater

clinical professor
School District Leadership, Educational Planning, Addressing the student achievement gap through system improvement, issues of Social Justice and Diversity


Shari Smith

senior student services coordinator
academic advising, admissions, fellowships/scholarships, recruiting, student academic matters


Dr. ​Julie Underwood

Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis and Educational Policy Studies     

ELPA PhD Advisees
Alice Bond
David Brokopp
Dawn Crim
Kelly Demrath
Shawn Kane
Abby Koberstein
Jennifer Magee
Mark Stateler
Corina Diaz-Suazo 

Jim Vannes

information processing consultant
computer hardware support and network security


​Dr. Xueli Wang

associate professor
College Student Experience and Success; Community Colleges and Transfer Students; Psychological Development of Students; Assessment in Higher Education

ELPA PhD Advisees
Erin Hastey
Benjamin Konruff
Colleen Larsen
Viola Miller (co-advisor Elton Crim)       Brett Nachman
Nicole Soulier
*Ning Sun
Brittany Wagner
Xiwei Zhu


Dr. Rachelle Winkle-Wagner

associate professor
Underrepresented students' access and success in college; Doctoral education for students of color;The influence of race and gender on college experiences;Critical qualitative methods; Sociology of high education; Identity development

ELPA PhD ​Advisees
Christopher Barnes
Daniel Corral (co-advise Nick Hillman
Mary Duenas     
Ashley Gaskew
*Jamila Lee-Johnson
Na Lor
*Brittany Ota
Vanessa Pena
Khadejah Ray
Shelby Rogers
Lashawn Washington
Taylor Weichman
Paris Wicker


Barbara Wipperfurth

department administrator

purchasing, payrolls, personnel, budgeting, office administration, & support for department chair


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