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 bormanheadshot  Dr.Geoffrey Borman 
Quantitative Methods; The Social Organization of Schools; Evaluation of Policies and Programs for Improving the Educational Outcomes of Poor and Minority Children
 camburn  Dr. Eric M. Camburn  
department chair  
School Improvement; Instructional Improvement; Urban Schools; Quantitative Methods; Mixed Methods
 cacapper  Dr. Colleen A. Capper 
Leadership for Equity and Diversity, Leadership for Inclusive Schooling, Organizational Theory and Behavior, Advanced Organizational Theory for Leadership & Diversity, Qualitative Research Methods, Research Methods and Advanced Research Methods, the Preparation and Development of Educational Leaders for Social Justice
 cfconrad  Dr. Clifton F. Conrad 
Vilas distinguished achievement professor
Qualitative Methods; Academic Programs in Higher Education; Minority-Serving Institutions of Higher Education; Ideas of the University
 ecrim  Dr. Elton J. Crim  
clinical professor  
Higher, Postsecondary and Continuing Education; Teaching, Directing and Advising of Students; Coordinates Higher Education Practicum Experiences for Students 
 johndiamond219dbd37c0a569e0ad6dff0000cdac6d  Dr. John Diamond  
Hoefs-Bascom associate professor 
The influence of race and class on students' educational experiences and outcomes, leadership and organizational change, educational policy, policy implementation, sociology of education, the relationship between schools and communities
 JENNYFERRY.docx  Jenny Ferry 
financial specialist  
Support for main office, purchasing, and outreach programs
  pgoff  Dr. Peter Trabert Goff  
assistant professor  
School Leadership (assessment, evaluation, and labor market); School Finance; Experimental and Quasi-experimental Research Methods
 rrhalverson  Dr. Richard Halverson  
Instructional Leadership Practice; Technology and Reflective Practice
 nwhillman  Dr.Nicholas Hillman  
assistant professor 

Higher education finance; public policymaking; student financial aid policy; college access and equity

 jerlandofljackson  Dr. Jerlando F.L. Jackson  
Organizational and Administrative Theory in Higher Education; Workforce Diversity and Workplace Discrimination in Higher Education
 kelley-carolyn2  Dr. Carolyn J. Kelley  
Educational Politics and Policy; Organizational Theory and Behavior; Teacher Compensation; Organizational Leadership; Research Methods
MBK 2015   Dr. M. Bruce King  
faculty associate 
Instructional Reform and Leadership; Professional Development; Outreach Program Coordinator 
LauraLang2  Dr. Laura Lang
senior outreach specialist/lecturer
In my role as a senior outreach specialist, I work as an instructional coach with area schools as they implement the Authentic Intellectual Work framework for instruction.  
 li Dr. Weijia Li  
director GHE Program 
Overseeing Global Higher Education Master of Science Program, teaching courses on Internationalization of Higher Education; development of relationships with universities and educational institutions worldwide 
 julie_mead  Dr. Julie Mead  
Legal Aspects of Education; Special Education Law; Special Educational Administration; Legal Aspects of School Choice
 pmmiller2  Dr. Peter M. Miller  
associate professor  
Community-based educational leadership: Leadership theory; Education in contexts of homelessness: Social capital; School-community collaboration
6CA50A82-E8B3-4D44-A86A-050887874A21  Arthur Rainwater
clinical professor  
School District Leadership, Educational Planning, Addressing the student achievement gap through system improvement, issues of Social Justice and Diversity
Sue Reis  
university services associate 
Department timetable representative, coordination of course evaluations, and administrative support
 Smith_Sheri_1  Shari L. Smith  
senior student services coordinator  
Academic advising, admissions, fellowships/scholarships, recruiting, student academic matters 
 Image of Julie Underwood  Dr. Julie Underwood  
Professor of Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis and Educational Policy Studies
 art  Jim Vannes 
information processing consultant 
Computer hardware support and network security
 xueli_wang_150px  Dr. Xueli Wang  
associate professor 
College Student Experience and Success; Community Colleges and Transfer Students; Psychological Development of Students; Assessment in Higher Education
 winklewagner   Dr. Rachelle Winkle-Wagner  
associate professor  
Underrepresented students' access and success in college; Doctoral education for students of color; The influence of race and gender on college experiences; Critical qualitative methods; Sociology of high education; Identity development
 Wipperfurth_Barb_8x10_1  Barbara Wipperfurth  
department administrator  

Purchasing, payrolls, personnel, budgeting, office administration, & support for department chair

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