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Steve Dreger, a PhD student in the Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis (ELPA) department, is studying the impact of leadership coaching on principal performance.  The principalship is challenging given the complexities of the educational system and the unique skill set required to address the demands of the jobPrincipals need a support mechanism and coaching is a promising approach.  Steve earned his principal and director of instruction licensures via the ELPA program. He also holds a Master of Science in Education–School Counseling degree from UW-Oshkosh and a Bachelor of Social Work degree from UW-Eau Claire.  

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Yasmin Rodriguez-Escutia

After completing my student teaching in Chicago and receiving my BA in Education and Youth Studies and Sociology at Beloit College, I decided to pursue my doctoral degree in Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis at University of Wisconsin- Madison. My decision to further my studies was based on both my student teaching experience and personal experience as a native student in the Chicago Public School System. As a student teacher and student in Chicago, I observed the pressure of teachers moving to different schools, as well as constant teacher layoffs due to budget cuts and school closures.

In observing this sort of teacher mobility, it was apparent that these decisions negatively impact low income and minority schools. My research focuses on studying teacher mobility in low income and minority school districts, along with teacher evaluation and quality. My hopes in studying teacher mobility in low income and minority schools is to find solutions in retaining teachers in school districts that have high turnover. My plan is to find solutions to these problems by working with school leaders in order to implement action based solutions to improve the education of low income and minority students in high teacher turnover districts.


Yi-jung Wu is a PhD student in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis. Her previous experiences include working as a research assistant responsible for projects in cognitive psychology and educational research, as a compensation and benefit survey data analyst, and as a middle school mathematics teacher. These varied experiences inspired her to pursue a PhD in an interdisciplinary area.

Her research interests include using quantitative methods to explore large-scale survey data and regional educational data in the following areas: K-12 educational policies, organizational behavior, leadership, school effectiveness, STEM education, labor market and comparative education. She received her B.S. in Mathematics with teacher certificate in secondary school mathematics and M.S. in Cognitive Science from National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. She then obtained both a M.A. in Educational Leadership and a M.S. in International Human Resource Management and Comparative Industrial Relations from The University of Manchester, UK.

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Minseok Yang is a PhD student in the Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis program. Before coming to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he instructed students at a public elementary school for five years in Korea. He received his MA degree in Educational Administration from Seoul National University. Based on the perspective of educational equity, his research centers on the impacts of educational resources, such as teachers, principals, and school finance, on students. He also has an interest in educational policy analyses using quantitative methods. He can be contacted through

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