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Hora speaks with Chronicle of Higher Education about value of majoring in humanities

February 09, 2018
UW-Madison's Matthew Hora recently spoke with The Chronicle of Higher Education for a report headlined, "Over Time, Humanities Grads Close the Pay Gap with Professional Peers."

Matt Hora
The Chronicle article discusses research saying humanities majors track closely to other fields in the areas of job security, job location and opportunities for advancement.

This report should "contradict the popular narrative about under-employed baristas and the need to redirect students away from these disciplines," Hora ​tells The Chronicle.

Hora wrote ​a book titled “Beyond the Skills Gap: Preparing College Students for Life and Work,”​ exploring how educators can ensure that graduates are adequately prepared for the future, challenging the argument that sluggish economic growth is due to a higher education system insufficiently attuned to workplace needs, with the solution being more specialized technical training and fewer liberal arts graduates.

Hora is an assistant professor of adult and higher education in the Department of Liberal Arts and Applied Studies at UW–Madison, and is an affiliate with the School of Education’s Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis. Hora is also a research scientist with the Wisconsin Center for Education Research (WCER), and the director of UW-Madison’s Center for College-Workforce Transitions (CCWT), which is housed within WCER.  

Read the full Chronicle article here
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