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​K12 leadership                    

The Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis offers degrees in K-12 Leadership at the Master's and Doctoral levels.

Recent graduates of the program 

are faculty members, district and school administrators. 


K-12 Educational Leadership faculty in the
Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis

Geoffrey Borman - whose research applies state-of-the-art quantitative methods to evaluating educational interventions designed to improve the achievement of disadvantaged student populations. His work also examines ways in which school districts can better use data for decision-making in schools.

Eric Camburn - whose research focuses on urban public schools and their improvement. His current research centers around understanding efforts to improve instruction in urban schools. Camburn’s current work also focuses on the measurement of instruction and leadership practice. Much of Camburn’s research involves the use of multi-level statistical models, but he has also conducted a number of mixed-method investigations.

Colleen Capper - whose work on leadership and spirituality and leadership for diverse learners draws from theoretical methodologies such as functional, critical, and post-modern theories to identify methods and approaches to developing learning organizations that address the needs of students with a variety of cultural backgrounds and learning needs.

John Diamond – whose studies the influence of race and class on students' educational experiences and outcomes, leadership and organizational change, educational policy, policy implementation, sociology of education, the relationship between schools and communities.

Peter Goff – whose research is school Leadership (assessment, evaluation, and labor market); School Finance; Experimental and Quasi-experimental Research Methods

Rich Halverson - whose work examines the ways in which principals use particular artifacts (such as specific policies, structures, or other mechanisms) to enhance the school's capacity to improve student learning. Specifically, he has examined the ways in which principals make sense of particular interventions, and use those interventions as tools to shape practice in their schools. Examples include a "breakfast club" and knowledge and skills-based teacher evaluation system.

Carolyn Kelley - whose scholarship focuses on leadership preparation and strategic human resources management in schools, including teacher compensation, principal and teacher evaluation, and leadership development.  She is co-author with Richard Halverson of the Comprehensive Assessment of Leadership for Learning (www.leadershipforlearning.org), a multi-source formative assessment that measures distributed leadership practices in schools. 

M. Bruce King - whose work concentrates on school and instructional reform (especially authentic pedagogy and achievement), instructional leadership, and organizational development. He coordinates outreach efforts for the ELPA including partnership development between the department and schools and districts.

Julie Mead - whose legal scholarship focuses the ways in which school law shapes and limits schools' abilities to serve students from diverse backgrounds, and those with special learning needs. Specifically, she has examined the impact of choice and charter school laws on students with disabilities and students of color.

Peter M. Miller - who research is community-based educational leadership: leadership theory; education in contexts of homelessness: social capital; school-community collaboration.

Arthur Rainwater - works in the areas of School District Leadership, Educational Planning, Addressing the student achievement gap through system improvement, issues of Social Justice and Diversity.



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