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GHE Courses and ​Professional Development

(For more information, please contact Program Director Prof. Dr. Weijia Li.)

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The Global Higher Education MS Program is a 30-credit masters program in the department of Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis (ELPA). The curriculum is designed to emphasize both international and American higher education aspects, both practice and research oriented contents​, so that our students will ​be absolutely competent and confident regardless their careers goals.

All courses are taught primarily by ELPA faculty members.

For a brief description about each individual course, please ​click Public Class Search on the this website.

What will you learn at the GHE program? (Learning Outcomes):

Students who successfully complete this program will be able to:

  • Identify and analyze issues and challenges pertaining to internationalization of higher education;
  • Understand various aspects of study abroad program portfolio management; studyGHE students in class discussion abroad advising, and study program promotion and marketing
  • critically and creatively discuss practices, issues, challenges, and opportunities surrounding international student advising, international student services, and international student career services;
  • Choose or develop appropriate assessment tools for assessing educational processes and outcomes in academic programs, student services, and institutions;
  • Understand student services profession and student development theories that inform practice in student affairs
  • Develop an understanding of a broad range of contemporary topics and pressing questions concerning ​American community college​s in a global context.

Sample Course Sequence

(based on program plans for 2017 cohort)GHE students

The following course sequence is for students who plan to complete the GHE program in three semesters. Students can choose to graduate in Summer or in Fall of their second year in the program.

1st Semester (Fall): 9 credits

ELPA 886 Internationalization of Higher Education
ELPA 701 Introduction to Higher and Postsecondary Education
ELPA 725 Research Methods & Procedures in Educational Administration

2nd Semester (Spring): 12 credits

2018-07-21 00.04.31

ELPA 940 Leadership for ​Study Abroad Programs and International Student Services
ELPA 888 Assessment in Higher Education
ELPA 881 Ideas of the University: Images of Higher Learning for the 21st Century
ELPA 883 College ​Student Identity and Development

3rd Semester (​Summer): 9 credits

ELPA 999 ​Topics in international higher education
ELPA 736 Administration of Student Services in Higher Education
ELPA ​882 Minority-Serving Institutions in Higher Education

3rd Semester (Fall): 9 credits

ELPA 736 Administration of Student Services in Higher Education
ELPA 940 The American Community College
ELPA 880 Academic programs in Colleges and Universities

GHE Student Professional Development

Professional Development2018-03-09 11.18.43

The GHE program provides to its students a comprehensive, embedded professional development program that includes career advising, workshops on preparation of job applications and job interviews, individual career coaching, and assisting students to develop their professional network.

Internship Requirement

GHE students will complete an internship (with a minimum requirement of 4 to 8 hours per week for one or two semesters) during the ​program to gain practical skills and work experiences in the field of higher education administration. Most of the practic


um sites are offices or units on the UW campus or at other higher education institutions in Madison. Students who work part-time or full-time at a higher education institution may opt out the internship requirement.

Campus employment

GHE students may work during the time they are enrolled in the program. ​GHE courses are mostly offered during the evenings beginning at either 4:40 or 7:15 p.m. Students are encouraged to work part-time on campus. Some of our students have worked on a full-time basis.  It is important to remember that the three-semester program is intensive, and that many courses are only offered once each year.

For more information, such as career opportunities, alumni job placement, curriculum and courses, please check out our new website:

For more information, please contact

Program Director Prof. Dr. Weijia Li (
Department of Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
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