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    Minimum Standards and Progress Toward the Degree

    A minimum of seventy five graduate credits must be completed in the Doctor of Philosophy degree program with an overall GGPA of at least 3.00. The student must maintain a minimum overall GGPA of 3.00 in educational administration coursework between admission and the time of the Preliminary Examination.

    The Ph.D. qualifying examination must be passed as a partial requirement for completion of the Ph.D. degree. The student may take the exam after the completion of at least 18 credits in Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis coursework and must have satisfied this requirement prior to scheduling the preliminary exam.  Students have the option of completing a take-home written exam or writing a qualifying paper.

    Three professors must agree to serve on the student’s dissertation writing committee.

    The preliminary examination must be passed within seven years from the date of admission to the program. The dissertation must be satisfactorily completed within five years of passing the preliminary examination.

    The Graduate School requires that after completion of the preliminary examination and all program requirements the student enroll for at least three graduate credits each semester as a “dissertator” until completion of the final oral examination.

    Any student who fails to maintain satisfactory progress toward the degree will be declared “inactive.” Students declared “inactive” will be ineligible for any final examination or degree in the Department. “Inactive” students must have a new graduate program approved and must meet the new program and examination requirements in effect at that time.

    Students declared “inactive” for three years may be dropped from the Ph.D. program. Students who have been dropped must seek readmission and meet all existing admission, program, and examination requirements.

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