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UW-Madison and UW-Whitewater 

K12 Leadership Cooperative Master's Degree Program 

The Wisconsin Board of Regents approved the Cooperative Masters of Science Degree Program in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis between the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of  UW-Whitewater on February 5, 1982. 

The cooperative program provides the opportunity for educators in the central regions of Wisconsin to obtain a Master of Science degree, with certification (Principal, Director of Instruction, Director of Special Education and Pupil Services) in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. All required coursework with the exception of the Director of Special Education and Pupil Services certification will be offered on  Whitewater campus.  Director of Special Education and Pupil Services certification will require completion of two UW-Madison classes not offered on the UW-Whitewater campus.





UW-Whitewater Coordinator

Dr. Richard Mason

Department of Curriculum & Instruction
800 W. Main St. Whitewater, WI
53190 262-472-4891

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UW-Madison Coordinator 

Shari Smith

Room 253B Education Building
1000 Bascom Mall
Madison, WI 53706-1326




Admission Process and Deadlines and More

UW-Whitewater Information                                             
Program Plan (prior to fall 2017)
Program Plan  (beginning fall 2017)
(used to ​track progress and for planning)


When enrolling in a class offered by UW-Whitewater, students enroll at UW-Whitewater and pay UW-Whitewater tuition.  When enrolling in a class offered by UW-Madison but taught on the UW-Whitewater campus, students enroll at UW-Madison and pay UW-Madison tuition.  When enrolling in UW-Madison on-campus classes, students enroll and pay UW-Madison tuition. 


To maintain enrollment at UW-Madison, when not enrolling in a UW-Madison offered class, cooperative program students enroll in a zero-credit course for the semester not enrolling in a UW-Madison class. This allows students to maintain their enrollment at UW-Madison and not have to apply for reentry each semester.  It also allows for continual access to libraries and other enrolled student perks. Contact Shari Smith ssmith@education.wisc.edu for permission to enroll.  The course number is 305-600.  You do need to enroll by the enrollment deadlines for each semester.


Graduate School regulations state that a UW-Whitewater Cooperative Program master’s degree candidate must complete a minimum of 15 UW-Madison graduate level credits in order for the degree to be considered a Madison degree.  Courses completed as a special student do not count in the 15 required graduate level credits.  Should a student need to convert up to 6 credits of course work completed as a special student, they may petition the Graduate School to do so.  Once credits are converted, the student is assessed the difference in tuition between special and graduate credits.  

Students enrolled at UW-Madison as a special student are not eligible for financial aid.   


No more than nine (9) graduate credits in Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis courses may be transferred from other universities (does not apply to UW-Whitewater course work) to the M.S. program in Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  

UW-Madison Graduate School regulations require a Master's degree candidate enrolled in the UW-Madison and UW-Whitewater Cooperative program complete a minimum of 15 graduate level credits of UW-Madison course work and 15 UW-Whitewater credits to meet the 30 credit requirement for the degree.


Office of Student Financial Aid 
Financial aid is granted by UW-Madison as UW-Madison is the degree granting University. To be eligible for financial aid students must be enrolled at least half-time.  Half-time enrollment is 4 credits.  Students do not need to be enrolled in a UW-Madison class to seek financial aid, however, if not enrolled in 4 credits of UW-Madison course work, need to verify their UW-Whitewater enrollment via a consortium agreement.

The consortium agreement is obtained from the Office of Student Financial Aid at UW-Madison. There are two parts to the agreement.  The first part once completed goes to UW-Whitewater Financial Aid Office who forwards the form to UW-Madison Office of Student Financial Aid.   The second part goes to Shari Smith, ELPA,  UW-Madison for signature and then is also forwarded to UW-Madison Office of Student Financial Aid.

Students enrolled at UW-Madison as a special student are not eligible for financial aid.


Wiscard – Your Key to Campus Life
Wiscard is your official UW-Madison identification card. It will give you access to libraries, recreation facilities, and other campus services including door access. Your Wiscard can also be used to make purchases at over 60 locations across campus. The Wiscard account is a fast, convenient, and money saving way to make purchases.                                                                                              


Complete and forward the APPLICATION OF INTENT to Shari Smith ssmith@education.wisc.edu.
This informs us that you intend on completing your degree so we can request a degree warrant from the Graduate School.  

We do not need your official UW-Whitewater transcripts, but do need a listing of your UW-Whitewater courses and the semester you completed the course(s).

Graduation, Commencement and Conferral Dates

(you do not need to apply for graduation as the application of intent informs the department you are applying)

Once you have completed your degree and all certification courses, complete and send the LICENSE APPLICATION FORM to Shari Smith ssmith@education.wisc.edu.  Once your degree is posted on your transcript, ELPA will submit your name to the University Certifying Officer who ​forwards the University endorsement to DPI.  Once in DPI's system, you apply online via DPI.  


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