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Education: a debt due from present to future generations. —George Peabody

Higher, Postsecondary and Continuing Education             
(HPCE) Master's Program

The following minimal requirements (30 credits) will satisfy the M.S. Degree in Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis. 

The Master's program in the HPCE strand offers a broad range of course selections with foundations in administration, organization, governance, teaching and learning, and policy and research.  In addition to the general HPCE program, there are three specific concentrations of study within the HPCE program that students can select. 

Concentration Options

Individualized Higher Education Program

  Intercollegiate Athletic Administration

  Two-Year Colleges

  Student Affairs Administration 

   Higher, Postsecondary and Continuing Education 

             Capstone Project Requirements 

   Course Descriptions​ 

  Graduate Credit Requirements 

  • minimum graduate residence credit requirement
  • minimum graduate degree credit requirement
  • minimum graduate course work (50%) requirement
  • maximum credits per term
  • prior course work requirement 
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