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Remember that our nation’s first great leaders were also our first great scholars. —John F. Kennedy
ELPA Committee Assignments 2017-2018


ELPA Committees 


  • Rachelle Winkle-Wagner, Chair (Jamila Lee-Johnson, student rep/TA)
  • Claudia Persico
  • Art Rainwater (N/A)
  • Geoffrey Borman
  • Shari Smith (N/A)

Human Resources

  • Julie Underwood
  • John Diamond  (Cassidy Kist, student rep/TA)
  • Pete Miller (Fall semester)
  • Eric Camburn 


  • Nick Hillman, Chair (Alexis Bourgeois, student rep/TA)
  • Colleen Capper (Heather Roth, student rep/TA)
  • Elton Crim (Brittany Ota-Malloy- student rep/TA)
  • Bruce King (N/A)
  • Shari Smith (N/A)

Salary Committee (elected)

  • Eric Camburn (Ashley Gaskew, student rep/TA)
  • Jerlando Jackson (Walter Parrish, student rep/TA)
  • Nick Hillman

Portfolio Review Committee

  • Peter Goff
  • Bruce King

WISCAPE Faculty Director

  • Clif Conrad


(B & C Teams, A Team writes the questions)

A:  Julie Mead (Team Captain)
     Peter Goff
     Rachelle Winkle-Wagner
     Elton Crim 
     Nick Hillman
     Julie Underwood     

B:  Pete Miller (Team Captain)
     Eric Camburn  
     Jerlando Jackson 
     Bruce King
     Claudia Persico
     Xueli Wang

C:  Art Rainwater (Team Captain)
     Rich Halverson
     Geoffrey Borman
     Colleen Capper
     John Diamond

UCEA Representative

  • Peter Goff

Xueli Wang Advisory Committee

  • Jerlando Jackson, Chair
  • Clif Conrad
  • Colleen Capper

Peter Goff Advisory Committee

  • Eric Camburn, Chair
  • Carolyn Kelley
  • Rich Halverson

Rachelle Winkle-Wagner Advisory Committee

  • Clif Conrad, Chair
  • Jerlando Jackson
  • Julie Mead

Nick Hillman Advisory Committee

  • Carolyn Kelley, Chair
  • Clif Conrad
  • Jerlando Jackson

Claudia Persico Advisory Committee

  • Rich Halverson, Chair
  • Eric Camburn
  • Julie Mead

School of Education Committees

Academic Planning Council

  • Eric Camburn

Administrative Council

  • Eric Camburn

Coordinating Council for Professionals in Education (CCPE) Committee

  • John Diamond

Doctoral Research Program (DRP) Advisory Committee

  • Richard Halverson

Education Graduate Research Scholars (EdGRS) Advisory Board

  • Nick Hillman

Equity and Diversity Committee

  • Jerlando Jackson

Information Technology Policy Advisory Committee (ITPAC)

  • Rich Halverson

Interdisciplinary Training Program (ITP) in the Education Sciences

  • Geoffrey Borman, Director
  • Eric Camburn, Steering Committee Member

Global Education Committee

  • Xueli Wang

Programs Committee

  • Pete Miller

Qualitative Research Minor Committee

  • Rachelle Winkle-Wagner
  • Pete Miller

Scholarships & Fellowships

  • Peter Goff

WCER Director’s Advisory Council

  • Eric Camburn

University Committees 

Athletic Board

  • Jerlando Jackson
  • Pete Miller

Commission on Faculty Compensation and Economic Benefits

  • Carolyn Kelley (3 year term beginning in 2015-16)

Committee on Undergraduate Recruitment, Admissions, and Financial Aid

  • Jerlando Jackson

Faculty Senate

  • Carolyn Kelley (need replacement in September of 2016)
  • Peter Goff (alternate)

Recreational Sports Board

  • Shari Smith

Social Studies Divisional Committee

  • Rich Halverson

University of Wisconsin Survey Center Steering Committee

  • Eric Camburn

UW System Committees 

Institute on Race and Ethnicity Advisory Board

  • Elton Crim


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