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Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
School of Education
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The pleasure of becoming an educated person is the enormous interest it adds to life. To be able to be caught up into the world of thought— that is to be educated. —Edith Hamilton

Mission Statement

The mission of the department is to create, evaluate, exchange, and apply knowledge about leadership, learning, and organizational performance to prepare scholars and scholar practitioners who cultivate equity and educational opportunity in a diverse and changing world.

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Department Chair      

 camburn Eric Camburn
Educational Leadership & 
Policy Analysis
253D Education Building
1000 Bascom Mall
Madison, WI 53706

Spotlight ELPA Faculty        


Associate Professor Rachelle Winkle-Wagner compares experiences with diversity on different campuses.

ELPA faculty associate, M. Bruce King presented at the Association for Middle Level Education’s (AMLE) annual conference in Austin, Texas.               MBK 2015  

Professor Julie Underwood examines 'the transgender question' in “Under the Law” in the October issue of Phi Delta Kappan magazine.


       julie_mead Julie Mead, ELPA Professor and SOE Associate Dean for Education, spoke at a Support Our Schools (S.O.S.) forum in Wauwatoa.   S.O.S. is a nonpartisan, grassroots nonprofit led by parents that advocates for public education in Wauwatosa and throughout Wisconsin.  


Peter Goff, ELPA Assistant Professor, addresses Wisconsin's rural education issues.  

Jeff Hamm, SOE Associate Dean of Academic Services and Peter Goff, ELPA Faculty, speak with WKOW regarding teacher shortages. 

Two projects of the Wisconsin Center for Education Research at UW-Madison are among those selected to receive first-ever National Science Foundation INCLUDES funding. 
ELPA Professor Jerlando Jackson to serve as collaborating investigator. 


The research of UW-Madison’s John Diamond is featured in a recent report from Bloomberg Businessweek headlined, “Black Students Don’t Even Get an Equal Education in Diverse Schools.”

"Despite the Best Intentions" co-authored by Professor John Diamond was recently named the winner of the 2016 Eduardo Bonilla-Silva Outstanding Book Award by the Racial and Ethnic Minorities Division of the Society for the Study of Social Problems.  

Research in Higher Education to publish Wang’s paper examining STEM transfer pathways

Professor Conrad remarks on Senator Ron Johnson's remarks on higher education.

Professor Clifton Conrad speaks with New York Times about declining state funding for higher education. 

A book co-authored by Professor Clifton Conrad, ‘A Silent Success,’ translated and re-published by Peking University Press.

UW's Conrad speaks with New York Times about financial emergency at Chicago State. (April 2016)

Professor Clifton F. Conrad ​comments on Illinois ​cutting off funding for its public universities on the MARKETPLACE.  (click on listen to the story on the top of MARKETPLACE page)

An Interview with 
Professor Clifton F. Conrad
Cultivating Inquiry-Driven Learners 


Associate Professor Nicholas Hillman will be taking part in a Federal Reserve conference examining student loan debt, Nov. 28-29 in Washington, D.C.

Hillman speaks with Chronicle of Higher Education and WKOW (Madison ABC affiliate)
about Clinton's 'free college plan'. 
Nicholas Hillman's article 
Geography of College Opportunity
The Case of Education Deserts, appeared in June 2016 edition of the American Educational Research Journal.
Associate Professor Nicholas Hillman recently co-authored a blog post for the Brookings Institution's website titled, “Where you live rather than what you know? The problem with education deserts." (April 2016)



Authentic Intellectual Work
Improving Teaching for Rigorous Learning

M. Bruce King

ELPA Faculty Associate


     ​Faculty Publications

  Eric Camburn
Camburn, E.M., Goldring, E., Sebastian, J., May, H., Huff, J.  (2016) An examination of the benefits, limitations, and challenges of conducting randomized experiments with principals. Educational Administration Quarterly.  52(2), pp 187-220

  Xueli Wang

Course-Taking Patterns of Community College Students Beginning in STEM: Using Data Mining Techniques to Reveal Viable STEM Transfer Pathways

  Rachelle Winkle-Wagner 
Entering the (Postgraduate) Field: Underrepresented Students’ Acquisition of Cultural and Social Capital in Graduate School Preparation Programs

  Nicholas Hillman
Education Deserts: The Continued Significance of ‘Place’ in the Twenty-First Century

  Julie Mead
Are We Heading Toward a Charter School 'Bubble'?: Lessons from the Subprime Mortgage Crisis

  Nicholas Hillman
How to Talk to Regular People About What’s Happening to College Prices

  Colleen Capper
The 20th-Year Anniversary of Critical Race Theory in Education
Implications for Leading to Eliminate Racism

  Bruce King
Authentic Intellectual Work
Improving Teaching for Rigorous Learning

  Colleen Capper and Michael P. O'Malley
A Measure of the Quality of Educational Leadership 
Programs for Social Justice: Integrating LGBTIQ Identities 
Into Principal Preparation

 Colleen Capper
The 20th-Year Anniversary of Critical Race Theory in 
Education: Implications for Leading to Eliminate Racism

  Clifton Conrad ​and Marybeth Gasman To Educate a Diverse Nation, Topple the Ivory Tower

  Julie F. Mead and Maria M. Lewis 
The Implications of the Use of Parental Choice as a Legal “Circuit Breaker”

  John Diamond

Lewis, Amanda, John B. Diamond, & Tyrone Forman. (2015). Conundrums of Integration: Desegregation in the context of Racial Hierarchy. Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, 1: 22-36.

  John Diamond
Diamond, John B. & James P. Huguley (2014) "Testing the Oppositional Culture Explanation in Desegregated Suburban Schools: The Impact of Racial Differences in Achievement Orientations on Academic Performance" Social Forces. 93 (2): 747-777

  Julie F. Mead
Private in Name Only: A Statutory and Constitutional Analysis of Milwaukee’s Private School Voucher Program, 21 Washington and Lee Journal of Civil Rights and Social Justice 331 (2015).

  Julie F. Mead
The Right to an Education or the Right to Shop for Schooling: Examining Voucher Programs in Relation to State Constitutional Guarantees, 42 Fordham Urban Law Journal 703 (2015).

  John Diamond
Despite the Best Intentions

  Clifton Conrad
Unsettle, and Enrich, the Public Discourse on Higher Education 

  Clifton Conrad 
Educating a Diverse Nation
Lessons from Minority Serving Institutions

  Peter Goff 
Changing principals’ leadership through feedback and coaching.
Journal of Educational Administration52(5), 682-704.
Goff, P., Edward Guthrie, J., Goldring, E., & Bickman, L. (2014). 

  Nicholas Hillman 
Public Policy and Higher Education: Strategies for Framing a Research Agenda

  Xueli Wang
Pathway to a Baccalaureate in STEM Fields Are Community Colleges a Viable Route and Does Early STEM Momentum Matter?


Department of
 Educational Leadership 
Policy Analysis

Masters in K-12 Leadership Cohort
with a Focus on
Social Justice Leadership 

In Collaboration With

Association for Wisconsin 
School Administrators 
and District Partners

Application Deadline March 1, 2017
Cohort Begins Summer 2017



Contacts for Prospective Students        

SCHOOL OF EDUCATION                       




Faculty Attend 2016 ashe conference                   

Jerlando Jackson, Xueli Wang
Nick Hillman, Rachelle Winkle-Wagner
Clif Conrad 





         Tree Planted on Bascom Hill in          Memory of ELPA Professor Paul Bredeson



Dr. Claudia Persico

New ELPA Faculty Member

    Alumni & Students

Mauriell Amechi was selected to receive one of the top international travel awards from the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Funding in the Graduate School.  

David Perrodin, ELPA PhD Alum was featured in Viterbo University's Adjunct Communications publication. 


PhD student Mauriell Amechi
 is organizing and serving
on a panel symposium, 
A forum on critical issues affecting foster youth in
higher education
, that has 
been designated as a featured session during the 41st annual conference of the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE), Columbus, OH. 



So Hee Hyun, ELPA PhD student recently presented 
Did Pell Grant Program Eliminate Students' Debt Burden during College?  at the 38th Annual Fall Research Conference -- The Role of Research in Making Government More Effective
Nov 2016 in Washington DC



Jamila Lee-Johnson and Walter Parrish were invited by the UW South Asia Summer Language Institute (SASLI) to present on Saturday, Nov 5 at the 2016 Fulbright Pakistan Fall Enrichment Seminar to 160 masters and PhD scholars.  Their presentation ​centered on leadership and group decision-making, with an emphasis on inclusion and equity. 

  ELPA Master's student and former UW and NFL player LaMar "Soup" Campbell is the new assistant athletic director for student-athlete engagement. He will be encouraging 
student-athlete participation in campus
community and athletic initiatives, and
collaborating with the director of diversity and inclusion.

 Photo: 'Soup' Campbell   
  Mauriell Amechi, ELPA Ph.D. dissertator,  ​was recently selected by the ACPA Foundation Board ​for funding for his research project, Straight out of Foster Care: A Qualitative Anti-deficit Study of Student Achievers.     amechi
The board indicated his study was timely and relevant, well-developed and one that the Grant Committee believes will offer new insight into an important area of student affairs.
     Valerie Photo

Valerie Crespin-Trujillo, ELPA Ph.D student and the New Graduate Student Representative
on the Board of Directors at ASHE.  


ELPA PhD students selected for the ASHE Graduate Student Policy Seminar that provides students with opportunities to interact with researchers and policymakers who are knowledgeable about critical public policy issues related to higher education. 
  Mauriell Amechi

 Kelly Wickersham  

                    marialewis Dr. Maria Lewis, Assistant Professor, Penn State and ELPA Alum, examining ways to help transgender youth within schools.

    Alumni & Student


Mark Paige, ELPA PhD Alum, professor of public policy at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth​ Building a Better Teacher Understanding Value-Added Models in the Law of Teacher Education

Scott Seyforth, ELPA PhD Alum publications.  
​The Life and Times of Carson Gulley and
“In People’s Faces for Lesbian and Gay Rights”: Stories of Activism in Madison, Wisconsin, 1970 to 1990

Mark Paige, JD, ELPA PhD alum, and currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, recently published  "Use existing laws to address teacher quality".

Terrance Green, Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin, and ELPA alum, received the 

the William J. Davis Award which is given annually to the author(s) of the most outstanding article published in Educational Administration Quarterly (EAQ) during the preceding volume year.

Ellie Brueckner, PhD student, "The Real College Debt Crisis: How Student Borrowing Threatens Financial Well-Being and Erodes the American Dream," was recently published in the Journal of Student Financial Aid.  Ellie is a PhD student in ELPA.

Mauriell Amechi, Director of the Community Outreach, Retention and Engagement Program at the University of Minnesota and ELPA PhD student, weighs in on Living Learning Communities.  

on the Job Market

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